Baby party, our non-traditional baby shower

My husband and I have never been the type to do things the "normal" way. We didn't do a first dance at our wedding *gasps of shock*, why not? Because 1) we both HAATTEEE being in the spotlight and 2) neither of us wanted to do it, like REALLY didn't. So why should we? Our day. Our way. Sure, some didn't understand this but that's their problem not ours. Anyway. When it came to our baby shower, I was speaking to my husband about it and he asked why baby showers are only for girls, and only celebrate the mum? 

I thought about this for a long time. Why is it like that? Yes, we do the work, birth the baby blah blah. BUT it's not just us having a baby, it's not just the mum who's starting a new life, about to become a new version of herself. If i've learnt anything from become a mum, it's that a dad is also born that day. His life also turns upside down and inside out, and he's also just as excited/nervous/anxious/terrified about it. 

So why can't the dad's celebrate too? Why don't we also acknowledge his excitement? I went to a baby shower once, you know, the type that forced you to play horrible games against your will... and she didn't let her husband come home until after the shower. He was completely left out. A baby shower is to celebrate the baby, and my husband wanted to be apart of that. 

It's also not just your husband who's excited and WANTS to join in. My dad, my brother, my husbands brother, our male friends. They wanted to join in, and what gives me the right to take that moment from them? After all, a baby shower isn't just to celebrate your new life, in a way, it's to mark the ending of your current one. 

So, we had a baby party. We invited ALL our loved ones, there were ladies, gentlemen and little people running around. We had lawn games, music, food, drinks and just all round good vibes. It started mid afternoon and went until whenever people felt like leaving. After dark the boys who hung around went into the garden, sat around our fire pit under the fairy lights and had some whisky and a sneaky cigar with my husband. 

It was SUCH a good afternoon/night. It was exactly what WE wanted. It was US celebrating our baby boy and sharing that with all our loved ones was so special. I'm so glad my husband expressed his want to be involved because he was able to share that special day with me, and so did all the other men in our lives. 

The next day we sat down together and opened all our gifts, it was so much fun and being able to share that with him was even better. I was sad at the thought of how he could have potentially missed out on that. 

So ladies, if you're planning a baby shower and like mine, your husband wants to be involved, LET HIM. It's his time to, it's YOUR time. Together you enter this crazy amazing new chapter that is parenthood. 

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