I get it, you've got questions, let me answer them for you.

How long does it take to get my order?

Every keepsake is made to order. This takes time. Please allow at least 4 weeks for your keepsake to be produced and shipped out to you. I do my absolute VERY best to get orders out as quick as possible - promise!!

Where are your swaddles and blankets made?

Australia! I'm VERY proud of this, you'll catch me bragging about it often. 

Do you offer custom designs?

Yes! But I only take on a handful of custom spots per month! If you have something in mind, get in touch and lets chat!

What fabric are your swaddles made from?

Soft cotton (96%) and elastane (4%) for that perfect amount of stretch! Printed with certified safe, non toxic inks

What fabric are your blankets made from?

A deliciously smooth minky! Double backed, beautifully weighted, they're like a warm hug from mum. 

Do you ship outside of Australia?

Unfortunately, due to extreme shipping costs and huge delays, I cannot say for certain how long shipping will take or guarantee your order will reach you! So for now, I only ship within Australia sorry. This will be reassessed periodically. 

What's your favourite food?

Good question! I'm a huge fan of breakfast food. Waffles and coffee please and thank you. 

Any other questions? Just ask!